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Breathe In, Breathe Out

Improves balance. Enhances flexibility. Builds strength. Perfects posture. Protects health. Enhances focus. The benefits of working with a professional Yoga Instructor go on and on. Join me for a session in London and experience the positive changes that a little bit of sweat, breathing, and concentration can have on your health and wellbeing.


I spent my childhood growing up in Bangkok, Thailand which I'm sure is where my love of travel stems from! I moved back to the UK when I was 10 years old and went to Dance School.  

I sustained an injury to my ankle in 2014 which meant I was no longer able to dance professionally.  This is where my love of Yoga came.  I was able to continue to move/flow through Yoga and completed my 200hr training in Goa, India in 2017.


​I teach in London & Buckinghamshire and am available for private clients.


What is Vinyasa Yoga? Vinyasa is a style of yoga characterized by stringing postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath.  Commonly referred to as “flow” yoga.  Vinyasa classes offer a variety of postures and no two classes are ever alike.

Vinyasa Yoga @ Pineapple Dance Studios

Vinyasa Yoga: Drop in class at Pineapple Dance Studios in Covent, Garden London.

Tuesday 1-2pm Vinyasa Yoga

Tuesday 6-7pm Core Stretch

Sunday 1-2pm Core Stretch

£8 per class 

*£2 or £4 daily membership fee to Pineapple


*NEW CLASSES in Buckinghamshire*

MONDAY @ Oakfield Community Centre (Kingsbrook)

Monday 7-8pm Gen / All Level

WEDNESDAY @ Oakfield Community Centre (Kingsbrook)

Wednesday 7-8pm Gen / All Level

THURSDAY @ Buckland Hall

Thursday 7-8pm Gen / All Level

Saturday 9:30-10:30am @ Wendover Woods

(Staring back in 2020!)

Private Classes & Small group classes Available!!


*Not sure what Level you are... email me or head to FAQ*

Whether you are looking for a 1-1 or Private Group Class; let me know!

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment"



My goal is to offer physical and mental conditioning programs that suit the health needs and fitness experiences of everyone. Contact me to find out more about my practice and how it can benefit you.